five minute friday

Grateful? For this!?

Prompt: Grateful


 Gratitude is such a simple thing and such a hard thing all at the same time. As I have said here earlier, things are unusually rough and difficult in our home. No major calamities but a general attitude of friction and frustration. This week, it has been very irritating to me and I have not always dealt with it well.

Transition into summer is coming and we are all eager for it, and yet not sure what it will bring completely. Relationships that have been encouraging and uplifting are difficult or frustrating. Normal routines that usually help our family function well are difficult or simply not being used at all! Easy and enjoyable play or activities are being replaced with fussing and irritable yelling. The gentle flow of our life has turned to turbulent waters.

In all of it, I know that looking for things in which to be grateful is essential. Gratitude keeps me from loosing my mind completely. Today is hard, it will not always be hard . . . and even in the hard, I seek to be grateful.


Mommy note: Even as I tried to type this, little man, decided it would be a good time to be mommy clingy and ended up screaming and crying as I tried to pull my scattered thoughts together and herd them through my fingers and the keyboard to the screen. I am grateful for little man and all the time we spend together. It is is hard at time, but I am grateful.

As I seek to develop, practice and hone my writing and blogging skills, I have committed to participating in the Five Minute Friday writing prompts and associated link up hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker at her site. I hope to be able to make these posts every Friday, but already life has proven to me that I need to be flexible, so though the posts may not always go up on Fridays, they will go up! I hope in my unedited writing here, you will be encouraged and challenged to look to God, to love your family, and enjoy this journey of simply life! 

Hundreds of writers, one word prompt, and just five minutes – watch amazing things happen. Hop on over to Lisa-Jo Baker to see what it is all about. Each Friday I’ll will join others that follow the prompt posted by Lisa, and then I’ll link up at her website with everyone else who is there to share what they have written.


6 thoughts on “Grateful? For this!?”

  1. I remember those days, with a child, and the constant feeling that you aren’t able to finish a single task without interruption. And that was before the internet, and blogging. I just wrote longhand then. I never could have blogged.

    Keep on, keeping on. That’s pretty much all you can do.

    Good job here.

  2. Stopping by from FMF – what a powerful line “even in the hard, I seek to be grateful.” I wish you luck in your search for all the things to be grateful for. Isn’t it funny how our children just KNOW when our attention isn’t completely on them and try and find a way to change that! Mine have gotten more creative as they’ve gotten older – but it’s still the same thing! Hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day.

  3. This sounds a lot like my life. God is teaching me as well how to be grateful and find His peace in the trenches of motherhood. Its good to know we are not alone and that He is our strength.

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