five minute friday

What holds you together?

Prompt: glue


Sticking together, through all that comes . . . right? That is what glue is supposed to help items do. Though, sometimes it does not quite work as well as it should.

So it may be with the things in life that we think are to keep us help together. Self-care practices or time with God may not keep us from completely loosing it when just that one last thing to go wrong pushes us over the edge. We can still choose to respond poorly. Family may be torn apart by the betray of trust or hateful actions or words. Just because we are blood does not mean we automatically act rightly towards others. Friendships that we thought would last for decades crumble under the weight of busy schedules or snide comments. The strongest wall, if neglected and buffeted by storms will eventually crumble.

What is the glue of your life? What keeps you together when everyone around you is losing their mind? (and blaming it on you!) I don’t have a one, two, three step answer for that question myself. Maybe it is more a combination of things that help hold our life to together when things are trying to pull us apart.


As I seek to develop, practice and hone my writing and blogging skills, I have committed to participating in the Five Minute Friday writing prompts and associated link up hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker at her site. I hope to be able to make these posts every Friday, but already life has proven to me that I need to be flexible, so though the posts may not always go up on Fridays, they will go up! I hope in my unedited writing here, you will be encouraged and challenged to look to God, to love your family, and enjoy this journey of simply life! 

Hundreds of writers, one word prompt, and just five minutes – watch amazing things happen. Hop on over to Lisa-Jo Baker to see what it is all about. Each Friday I’ll will join others that follow the prompt posted by Lisa, and then I’ll link up at her website with everyone else who is there to share what they have written.


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