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Meal Planning Project

 “Meal planning is the elephant project for this month. No sweat, I meal plan already, sort of, some of the time, I guess.”  

These were my initial thoughts as I approached this project. Yet, as I reviewed what Tsh has written it helped me gain more clarity on why this step of home management is important to me and provided some new ideas for the process.

Several of the advantages to meal planning that Tsh lists are:

  1. You know what is for dinner, so the 5:00 stress of figuring it out when you are getting hungry is abated.
  2. There is an ease to extracting a grocer list from your meal plan.
  3. You can plan to have variety, so it harder to fall in a rut of the same meals all the time.
  4. You are less likely to eat out spur of the moment because you have something planned for dinner.
  5. Your cooking can be more enjoyable, because you planned to have on hand what you need.

Several advantages that I have found in my meal planning journey are: 

  1. I tend to not feel compelled to fill my pantry with items that were not a part of the meal plan.
  2. It is easier to say “no” to impulse buying. It’s not a part of the plan, I don’t get it!
  3. I find it also easier to say to no to grazing though out the day on not so healthy food or eating more than I should. If I plan healthy foods, it somehow helps me to stay focused on not overeating or eating things that I am trying to avoid at this time.
  4. When my children want to help, it is easier to include them because I am not stressed trying to figure out what we are going to eat.
  5. It is fun to mix it up! Breaking from the plan and doing something spur of the moment is more fun.

I have more ideas and thoughts to share along with the printable I created for my meal planning and grocery list, but those will wait until later this week.

In the meantime, I would enjoy hearing from you. Do you meal plan? How do you do it? If not, would you consider starting? An easy place to begin is simply listing several meals that you would like to eat during the week. Consider what you have ingredients for in your home (or at least most of the ingredients) and write them down. Post it on your refrigerator and you have the fist step to being prepared for making supper when it comes around at the end of the day. You never know, this might be the first step to revolutionizing your approach to meal time, or even food in general.

This post is part of my Elephant Project Series. Tsh Oxenrider in One Bite At A Time covers the seeming elephant-sized list of ideas and projects that can be part running your household. She brakes them down into bite-sized projects you can read about and start work on in a few moments. The posts in this series are the recording of my journey through her book and the recommended projects.


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