five minute friday

The paint of the art of life

Prompt: paint


People paint in so many different ways. Of course you may think of an artist with a brush and canvas and paints, or maybe your toddler with a sponge and cup of water and rocks for a canvas. But what if we thought of the canvas of peoples’ hearts and the words we say as the paint splashing into their lives with our attitudes or tone of voice as the brushes that we so carelessly at times use to fling up our “art”?

Paint can create or cover or even mar. Something beautiful can be destroyed by the careless use of the paint of our lives. And then we can take something that appears to be ruined and repair it or transform it by the ingenious brush strokes or careful use of the painting of life.

If we make “art” when we connect with another person, then what art is the paint of our lives leaving for others?


As I seek to develop, practice and hone my writing and blogging skills, I have committed to participating in the Five Minute Friday writing prompts and associated link up hosted by Lisa-Jo Baker at her site. I hope to be able to make these posts every Friday, but already life has proven to me that I need to be flexible, so though the posts may not always go up on Fridays, they will go up! I hope in my unedited writing here, you will be encouraged and challenged to look to God, to love your family, and enjoy this journey of simply life! 

Hundreds of writers, one word prompt, and just five minutes – watch amazing things happen. Hop on over to Lisa-Jo Baker to see what it is all about. Each Friday I’ll will join others that follow the prompt posted by Lisa, and then I’ll link up at her website with everyone else who is there to share what they have written.


5 thoughts on “The paint of the art of life”

  1. Stopping by from FMF. Thanks for the reminder and the word picture of the influence that our words and interactions with others have…..I want to paint beauty into the lives around me!

  2. Thanks for your insights on paint. This is so true. Stopping by from FMF. I couldn’t find your name anywhere on your blog. Blessings…<…Cathy

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