book launch

Surprised By Motherhood


There is nothing quite so scary as realizing you really don’t know what you are doing. Whether it is pain or failure or criticism – something brings you to the place of uncertainty and hesitant action.

There is nothing quite so joyful as realizing your are making a difference in someone else’s life. Whether it is their thanks or success or the living out of truths you are pouring into them – something causes you to see the impact you are making.

There is nothing like motherhood to combine these two realities into one amazing, terrifying package. The pain and fulfillment, the criticism and success come together to be part of the terrifying, humbling, fulfilling work that is motherhood.  

Ten years ago I entered the world of motherhood. Since that day, I have learned so much about being a mom, about myself, even about my mom; and yet I am continually reminded there is so much I do not yet know! Even as I seek to teach and train my children, I am being taught through them and daily I am surprised by motherhood.


12777082053_f52d9a34c7_bLisa-Jo Baker is one of the most enjoyable writers I have found online. In her stories she combines the joys and heartaches with the scary, tearful and still amazing realities of life and specifically motherhood. Tuesday, April 1st, Surprised By Motherhood is released. If you know someone who is a mom, you are a mom, or wish you were a mom this book with bring tears and laughter as Lisa relays her version of this amazing thing called motherhood and encourages each of us in our journeys. Check out the book site to see what others are saying about this amazing book, download the first three chapters free and then order your own copy, learn more about Lisa’s heat for moms, and download some fun printables. Then head here where Lisa shares the story behind the story – how moms the world over are building a community center for moms and kids in South Africa.  Where every you are  . . . come be surprised by motherhood.



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