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I have on my schedule to post a book review this coming week . . . however, inspiration for writing reviews is lacking the last few days. I have worked on a couple for books I have read over the last year, but they don’t seem to be flowing well, and I am struggling to get the words and thoughts together to express what I like about them.

Wanting to share about my reading with you all, I have struggled exactly on how to do that.  I have found several new resources over the last month and half and have started some new reading material that I thought would be enjoyable share.  So grab a cup of tea and join me for a “book” discussion of what I am currently reading.

Crystal Paine’s, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, is a book in my reading stack that was a surprise to me. I love organizing and time management so I have read A LOT in that area. When I first heard about her book, I had no intention of buying it or even necessarily reading it. Not because I do not like what she was writing about, but because I felt like she most likely would not be saying something I do not already know. To dispel the impression that I have attained all knowledge in this subject, here is a bit of back story. I found a year or so ago that I was at the point were I was reading and learning and gathering information about organization, de-cluttering, time management, etc. but was not  necessarily improving in those areas. Then it dawned on me . . . I needed to stop reading so much about it and just do it!! (Break through stuff, I know!) In light of that realization, I have intentionally scaled back on the amount of organizing material I have been reading.  Whew, all that to explain why I was not planning on reading Crystal’s book at this time. Then I heard her speak on a podcast, and she talked a bit about her book. WOW!  I enjoyed not only what she was saying but how she was saying it. So, I got the book . . . and immediately started reading it. My mother-in-law, heard about the book and asked if I had see it. As a matter of fact, yes, it arrived at my door yesterday! So, I paused my reading to share the organizing goodness with her. Now I have it back, and it is once again in the stack of books beside my bed that I reach for in moments of quiet.

Another of my favorites, Replenish, by Lisa Grace Byrne, is among the current reading stack. I read her book last year, but am going through it again with my sister-in-law this year. Since we are taking a study approach to our reading, I expect this book will be in my current reading stack for quite a few months. I enjoyed Lisa’s writing and ideas during my first read, and am liking the slower paced reading, taking time to absorb and practice more of what she teaches. (Her book is one that I am working on a book review of, so you can look for that in the future!)

It Starts with Food (Dallas and Melissa Hartwig) was recommended by a dear lady I know, and since I am seeking to transition our family to healthier eating habits, it sounded useful. Though, I may not agree with everything the authors promote, this book has been one of the more educational food related books I have read. My geekiness eats up (ha, ha) the technically of what they are teaching and they have written it in such an easy read manner that it is not difficult to read.

If first read The Friendship Factor by Alan McGinnis when I was in high school. I thought, it was worth a reread, since who among us does not need to improve on their friendship skills.  Because of the size of the book and the material covered, this has become my “travel” book. It lives in my bag and goes with me to have on hand for the moments I have to wait and can read for a bit. Granted with a preschooler shadowing me in my days, that does not happen often, so this book may take me a bit to get through it.  I am envisioning moments of reading under a tree while the kids play in the yard this summer. Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to read parts of it with my older girls.

A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live (Emily Freeman) and A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger Than You (Paul David Tripp) are two e-books that I borrowed or purchased free from Amazon’s daily deal. They each looked interesting, but as I have been reading them, I have been impressed more and more. I am trying to be more particular (choosy) about what I buy and put on my bookshelf, but these have earned a place in my wishlist. I would like to reread them, taking time to digest what the authors are saying and make my notes in the books as I go. They may even make it to my “life changers” book shelf.

I hope you have enjoyed this variation on my book review. I have enjoyed writing it, and pray it encourages you to dust off a favorite from your shelf or go find a new one. I’d love to hear what you are reading, so please take a moment to comment and let me know. I am open to recommendations and enjoy hearing about the books others are enjoying and learning from. 


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