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Survival for Busy Women

Survival for Busy WomenSurvival For Busy Women: Establishing Efficient Home Management by Emlie Barnes is a good resource of advice and ideas for helping any woman learn how to better manage her home and life.

Life can be very busy or stressful and the suggestions and guidelines through out this book are practical how to’s for those seeking guidance and help for life management. Lists and charts, project ideas, and organizational suggestions are scattered through out the book.

I enjoyed the easy reading of Emlie’s writing and the format of this book. The ideas presented, though not new to me, where done simply and in some cases differently than I have seen previously.

The edition of this book I read was published over twenty-five years ago and that fact could be seen in several of the tools she referenced. The ideas are still applicable, though. The concepts of life management do not change over time. An update of to this book is available, I am looking forward to reading it to see how the author incorporates the tools technology has made available.

Survival for Busy Women is a good primer for those seeking to be more efficient in their home management. Whether for a young person or a lady with much experience, I would recommend this book for the basic ideas, suggestions, and charts presented by the author.


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