five minute friday


Everyday we make so many choices . . . what to eat, what to wear, how we respond when the milk gets spilled again, are we going to get up when the alarm sounds, do we smile or frown our greetings to our family, will we tackle that hard thing that lurks in the corners of our to do lists, will I rejoice, will I complain . . . the listing could go on and on and on. For each day is simply a series of choices that I make.

Then comes to mind the verse from Scripture where Joshua is talking with the people of the Israelite nation, and he says, “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” What we serve, what we give our time, attention, and efforts is something we choose – each day – a new morning, a new choosing, a new opportunity for us to give our service to something or someone.

Joshua’s words resound off the pages of Scripture through time, “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD!” I want to shout, “me too”; to raise my hand and declare, “I too will serve the LORD”. Yet, I know this choosing will not always come as easy as the words come out of my mouth.

Please, LORD, strengthen me for Your service. May my choosing be in line with Your work for me, and might I always be diligent to fulfill that which I choose.

Hundreds of writers, one word prompt, and just five minutes – watch amazing things happen. Hop on over to Lisa-Jo Baker to see what it is all about. Each Friday I’ll will join others that follow the prompt posted by Lisa, and then I’ll link up at her website with everyone else who is there to share what they have written.


3 thoughts on “Choose”

  1. I feel the same way about all the choices that I have to make over the course of a day. When I stop and think about it, they can be overwhelming. Thank you for sharing how to choose for the Lord. With Lent coming up, your Bible verse reminds me of what this is all about. Thank you for your post!

  2. Appreciate the reference to the verse from Joshua about choosing whom we will serve. A good one to stick on the mirror or fridge or somewhere highly visible. Thanks!

    Stopped in from FMF.

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