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Starting off right

I am working through Tsh Oxenrider’s One Bite At A Time. Her book takes the seeming elephant-sized list of ideas and projects that can be part running your household and brakes them down into bite-sized projects you can read and start to do in a few minutes. The posts in this series are the recording of my journey through her book and the recommended projects.

This project for me was more of an affirmation and skill honing project then developing something new. I have had a morning routine long before I realized that is what I was doing. I appreciate Tsh’s comments about why a morning routine is so helpful.

  • You get a good start to your day.
  • Your mind is better focused on the rest of your day’s tasks.
  • You will do a better job taking care of the people you love the most.

Something new to me was the idea that the things in my morning routine should be things that fuel and refresh me.

This concept has not really altered what I chose to do in the early morning; rather it has spurred me to get up a bit earlier to take advantage of the quiet moments before my family rouses. It has also given me “freedom” to leave the necessities of life that don’t refresh my spirit for after my morning routine. Things like emptying the dishwasher and making school lunches are saved for after everyone is moving and the opportunity for soaking in the quiet moments is gone for the morning.

One thing that I have been more intentional about since reading the project, is helping others in my family develop and settle into a morning routine too. For them, especially the kids, it is more of a rough flow to the morning things that must be done. Making the bed, getting dressed, eating breakfast, packing lunches and bags and hugging Mom on the way out the door. There are certain things that we expect to happen every morning, and with them established and posted as a visual reminder, they “happen” a little bit more easily. Even for the non-normal days, our family’s morning routine still happens – it just might be at a bit more slower pace.

So what about you? Do you have things you try to do each morning? Do they refuel and refresh you? Could your mornings use a bit of routine or some narrowing in focus? If you do have a routine to each morning, does it make a difference in the way your day functions? I would love to hear your comments.


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