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The Significant Small

The small things are sometimes the most significant. The way something is said. The look on your face when greeting your husband or a friend. The short answer or quick hug. The small things can have tremendous impact.

Just as a small seed grows into a bush or a tree and then blossoms with leaves, flowers and fruit. So an idea can take root and grow to a dream which in turn blossoms into reality.

May the small things that I do and say bring forth a reality that is pleasant and enjoyable. May the little things grow leaves of contentment and flowers of joy in my life and the lives of those around me. For “the little things mean so much . . .”


Hundreds of writers, one word prompt, just five minutes, and watch the amazing things that can happen. Hop on over to Lisa-Jo Baker to see what it is all about. Each Friday I’ll will join others that follow the prompt posted by Lisa, and then I’ll link up at her website with everyone else who is there to share what they have written.

2 thoughts on “The Significant Small”

  1. So nice to meet you here via Lisa-Jo’s link-up. Just love what you wrote…such a great reminder. I was truly blessed and inspired as I read your post. Keep writing!:)

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