the beginning

One of my favorite things

We each have something that we so enjoy doing we go out of our way to find times and places we can do it! Well, my thing (or one of them) is organizing.
It’s true – I greatly enjoy, dare I say love, to organize!

  • I organize things that don’t need to be organized.
  • I organize things I organized last week!
  • I organize to relax. Yes, really! Relax.
  • I really just enjoy organizing.

Something about the process revitalizes me. Some of the decision making that comes with organizing can be stressful, and, let me tell you, if it is someone else’s space your working with it can be tricky, even if it is the kids or my husbands. Yet, I still find a sense of joy in the process!

So often organizing is thought of in terms of a space – say your closet, your desk, the kitchen pantry, or just your house as a whole. Yet, organizing need not be restricted to space only. Time management is nothing more than organizing where you spend your time. Budgeting is organizing where you want or need to spend your money. Meal planning is organizing your food preparation in a way that best serves you and your family.

Organizing can be so much bigger than a physical space.

The concepts of organizing can be applied in many different areas of life. And since I so enjoy organizing (have I mentioned that yet?) – I have read many books, blogs, and articles on the subject; I listen to others more expert then myself teach and discuss ideas and techniques; and my friends know I usually pick their brain for ideas and ways they organize. My hope is as I develop my writing and “organize” my blogging schedule that I will spend one week of the month looking at some aspect of organizing that I have learned, a book or post I read recently on organizing, a organization technique I am trying to implement in our life, or an organizing project I doing.

What about you?

Do you like to organize? Do you feel you need to be more organized? Are you organized in some areas, but other areas could use some work? What are your strengths? Where are you weak? I would love to have your feedback.

No matter where you are in the journey, please join me.


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