seasonal habit

Back to the Basics

Each season brings the opportunity to practice or develop a habit that I would like to see in my life. These habits vary from simple housekeeping tasks that we need to develop in our home to personal habits that I see lacking or needing practice to more abstract habits that will help our lives be a bit better.

As the new year begins, it seems natural to look at getting back to the basics. Life is such a balance of busy activity and recharging moments of reflection and quiet. Sometimes the balance tips more one way, and then within days or moments, it tips the other way. The balance is not held steady through life activities in perfect harmony; it is more an overall balance.  As you review your day or week or maybe month, the sense of balance should be woven through out all your activities.

I so love Shannan’s comments about balance over at Flower Patch Farmgirl.

“The scales never land motionless, in a dead heat.
They teeter and wobble, some of this, a little more of that.
There are two sides and both become meaningless without the weight of the other.

Balance is accepting each wave as the tide rolls in, then out again.
It’s sniffling and snotting in the dark to Cory that all hope is lost, then grinning in the morning when the sun comes up anyway and all I can see is a kitchen full of promise and three faces perfectly immune to the complications of adulthood.”

Maintaining balance, huh?

Well, to have a balance, there needs to be sense of what are the most important things to be filling your time. For me that starts with getting back to the basics. What are those things that must happen in my week. The things that fuel me, keep the house functioning normally (whatever that is), and move our family on to what we are to be and do. And there is born my seasonal habit: back to the basics.

So what are your basics? Is it time to look at what you are doing each day and get back to some habits that have fallen on the wayside? Do you have another habit that could use some practice? Please join me, whether you work on your own habit, or with me on getting back to basics. I would love to hear what you are doing. 


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