the beginning

Uncertain Action

For all the moments that you know just what to say, for all the times that words and writing seem so easily to flow . . . there are a seeming hundred more times of uncertainty. Not sure where to turn. What to say. How to write the thoughts that are in your head. How to express, the feelings and things you want to share.

It is hard to admit that we all face them, these moments of uncertainty, loss of direction, or just plain fear. The idea of knowing exactly what to say, how to word it in a enjoyable to read way, how to capture your reader and make them a part of a conversation with you. This “idea” sometimes paralyzes me when I actually go to take action. Does it you? 

How do I interact with this moment? How do I continue forward in what I know I am to do? How do I honor the reliance I have on God alone for the wisdom and strength, and yet not remain paralyzed by the uncertainty of it all. Maybe I’ll have a witty answer, some profoundly practical truth that will free me by the time I post this writing. Maybe I’ll finish writing and just post, still unsure.

I do know for one thing, I will continue on. The uncertainty will not stop me. I continue my quest, searching for how I am to do this thing called blogging that I sense such a calling to. I will continue. I will persevere. And I know in the end, I will have the reward of knowing I did what I was to do for this moment of time. I will do and be what I am “called” to do and be for whoever it is that comes after me.


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