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Beginning to eat an elephant

I am working through Tsh Oxenrider‘s One Bite At A Time. Her book takes the seeming elephant-sized list of ideas and projects that can be part of running your household and brakes them down into bite-sized projects you can read about and start to do in a few minutes. The posts in this series are the recording of my journey through her book and the recommended projects.

The process to becoming more organized is never easy. Even for someone who like me loves to organize, rejoices in the finished product, and is continuing to look for way to make it better. At times you know that something needs to be be done, and yet you are not sure where to start or the idea of doing it is so overwhelming you just stop and walk away before even starting.

Several years ago, I found Tsh at Simple Mom via an online search for home organizing worksheets and was immediately captivated by her style of writing and her ideas for home and life organizing. Though, her writing and work at Simple Mom has become more than an organizing resource, I have enjoyed her first couple of books which centered around organizing, One Bite At a Time and Organized Simplicity.

The cheapskate that I am at times, resisted buying her e-book, One Bite At A Time, when it first came out. I was so new to the online blog world and ebooks and to pay money for something I could not hold in my hand?!? Finally over two years later, I broke down and got it and have enjoyed the simple and practical approach to tackling the oh so many projects which are a part of organizing and managing your home and life. As a part of the organizing aspect of what I hope to share here at Inspire to Simple, I will be reading through her e-book and writing about each project. My posts will share a summary of each project, my thoughts about it, and how I am working to accomplish it and implement the ideas into our life.

Have you read Tsh’s e-book? What did you think? Come join me as I share what I am learning and hope to inspire you to be a bit more simple in your approach to organizing and home management.


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