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Book Review: Confident Mom Household Planner

Confident Mom Household Planner

I received The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner for 2013 as an e-book in a bundled package that I purchased at the beginning of the year.   I was impressed with the layout of this planner notebook and the ease of understanding.  Susan sets out tasks for each day and week.  The flow of “to do’s” seems easy to follow. It is helpful without being overwhelming.

Having spent quite a bit of time working on developing my own layout of tasks/routines for myself and the management of our home, I found it to not really be helpful for me personally.  Using Marla Cilley‘s FlyLady routines and the ideas in Kim Brenneman‘s Large Family Logistics, I have developed a daily and weekly routine of tasks that works very well for us.  It is by no means complete and as I review the Confident Mom’s planner system I can see a few areas that I might want to update.

I do really like the menu plan and grocery list template included in the back of the planner pages.  The single sheet layout is roomy enough to record my meal plan and yet has good space and layout for a grocery list.  Of all the pages in this planner, the meal plan/grocery list is my favorite.  It has actually inspired me to create my own layout for my meal plan and grocery shopping list.

This is an excellent resource for those who need something to help them get on track with their time management and are not sure where to start.  If you want someone to just tell you what to do – this e-book is for you!  It is a great place to have someone to lay it all out for you, and still allow for a bit of customization of your own. (With the new year coming, I am sure she will be developing a new planner for 2014. Check out Susan’s site for more information and details.)


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