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I originally wrote this last year and posted it on my old blog. As I hope to make Pinterest to Real Life a regular part of my posting schedule, this was an easy place for me to start.

This Thanksgiving project last year was my first attempt at bringing an idea that I gleaned from a site I followed into our home. I enjoyed the result last year, and as I have been getting ready to think about Thanksgiving preparations again this fall, I pulled out the banner I made, and plan to use it again this year.


Last Thanksgiving for the first time in the ten years we have been married, my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner with both sets of our parents coming over dinner. Needless to say I was very excited, and being a person who is prone to planning more ideas then are humanly possible to fulfill, I was flooded with ideas of decorating, cleaning, and reorganizing.

Last Holiday Season, I was attempting to exercise the habit of taking things down a notch, so I scaled my ideas and plans down a bit. One of the ideas, that survived the pairing down came to me via Time-warp Wife’s post at the beginning of November in her Five Friday Favorites. The Thanksgiving Banner seemed easy enough to do and I liked the appeal of the elegant simplicity it offered.

The banner was originally from At Second Street. I downloaded the template, purchased special card stock, and after printing and cutting, debating how I was going to hang it and where, and about an hour of trying to get it up – I finally had my thanksgiving banner. Once it was up, I realized, I could have taped the cutouts on the wall and had pretty much the same effect, but I loved it!

banner cropped
Getting a picture of it was rather tricky because of where I hung it in relation to the hanging light fixture, but I enjoyed seeing it through out our Thanksgiving season last year.

I think my greatest satisfaction from this craft-like project is the follow through I had to actually make it. Not only did I see the idea and love it, I was able to do the steps to see it become a reality in our home. {Insert dance of joy.} Remembering this satisfaction will help spur me on to more “Pinterest To Real Life” projects and activities.

How about you?

Do you enjoy browsing the creative and sometimes crazy online world that is Pinterest? What ideas from Pinterest have you brought into your home? I would enjoy hearing about them in the comments. Let me know if you have pinboards on Pinterest. I always enjoy an excuse to check out other’s ideas. Please find me on Pinterest and follow any of my pinboards that interest you.


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