Just Doing My To Do’s

As I am doing my review and preview of the coming week, and evaluating what I need to do for my blog work, I came across this.

LORD, I am feeling a little lost today!  I am not sure why, and it is really bothering me.   Last night’s sleep was interrupted and very restless and today I am tired.  Yet, it seems to be more than just that . . . There is a disconnect that I am sensing, and I don’t know why or where this feeling is coming from.

I know, as Your child, I live by faith and not by my feelings.  Praise You for that truth!! And still this sense of “something is wrong” is bothering me.  I am irritated in my interacts with others, my focus on the task at hand it challenged, and I really I am not sure what to do first.
Father, as I walk through today, may I rely on Your love and strength to carry me and may the balm of your Precious Word soothe the sore in my soul.
I wrote it quite a while ago, yet today it seems very applicable again.
I tend to make my to do’s a big deal.  I am learning, rather than making a big production out of each task – just do it!  Make each little thing a part of your routine and just do it!
“So now finish doing it, that your [enthusiastic] readiness in desiring it may be
equalled by your completion of it according to your ability and means.” II Cor. 8:11 AMP

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