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OneWord365 Update

OneWord2013_Focus150 So a Focus update, hmmm.

It seems that even as I try to write something that updates you all on how I am using this word in my day to day life, the lack of focus seems to be keeping me from moving forward.

The idea of the OneWord365 Community is that the word you choose for your year will be something you can work on and apply to each area of your life through out the year. When I chose FOCUS is seemed so appropriate, and yet at times during this past year, I have felt or seemed as if I am living anything but a life of FOCUS.

There are so many aspects of life, or roles that each individual may fill. For me, those areas include:

  • personal life and growth
  • wife
  • mom
  • home manager
  • daughter/sister/niece/granddaughter
  • friend/encourager
  • blogger/writer
  • employee
  • ministry assistance/volunteer

All of these areas, though, fall secondary to the fact that I am a disciple of Christ – if my focus is off in my relationship with and growth in God, my focus will be way off! in all the other areas.

As was written on the OneWord365 blog earlier this year, your word is like an umbrella that covers all the areas of your life. For me the analogy has been more as if the umbrella of my FOCUS does cover my life, each area being a panel of the umbrella, but my life in God is the rod of the umbrella – the handle and support for all other areas. If the center pole of the umbrella is broken, then it does not really matter how great of shape the panels are in, they are useless without the support of the umbrella handle and main rod. The main rod is handle I hold onto the keeps the umbrella of my life over my head.

So as I ponder how FOCUS should be applied in my life, the first place of FOCUS for me is in my growth and walk with God. Faith (what you believe, for we all believe something) touches every aspect of life. I must be sure that the center rod to my umbrella is strong. For me to be a strong disciple of Christ, I must daily look to Him, learn about Him, and acknowledge and glorify Him in everything.

So as I seek to continue to work through and process how I can apply FOCUS in the various aspects of life, I know that first I must FOCUS on my main support – Jesus Christ.


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