Slaying the Pantry Nemesis

Yikes! This project (cleaning out my pantry nemesis) proved to be more challenging then I expected. I had boxes and space set aside to pull everything out, clean, reorganize, and purge my kitchen pantry for almost two weeks; and time and energy just never seemed to be enough. I was consistently running out of day before I got the cleaning even started!

my newly decluttered and reorganized pantry
my newly decluttered and reorganized pantry

Finally, last Monday I had enough of postponing it and just started pulling things out when I was making supper. Maybe not the best of timing moves, but it got me started. I did tackle the pantry in sections, something I had not originally planned. It ended up working out well for me and the time constraints I faced this past week.

Now the pantry sits in a more ordered manner. It has been wonderful the last couple of days to open the door and not feel the need to dodge any falling objects. I pulled out and gave away two paper bags of items (small appliances, containers, and food stuffs) that we just have not used or had duplicates. A few items found homes else where in our house. Now things are more neat and controlled looking in this space.

One somewhat unexpected result of my pantry reorganizing . . . I discovered we have quite a large supply of dry food stuffs and canned items in our home. Meal planning and grocery “shopping” this coming week ought to be a bit easier for I will need only look in my freezer and newly organized pantry for the food supplies. Grocery bill ought to be down significantly the next couple of weeks as we eat down our pantry surplus.

How did you do this past month in conquering your organization nemesis? How is the redone space working for you? What unexpected benefits did you receive from your efforts?  Let me know what and how you did in the comments. I love to hear from you. 


With this project I am linking up with I’m An Organizer Junkie in her October Organize It! Linky Party.


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