the beginning

So why blog?

As I start my blogging journey, it seems only proper to share with my readers a bit of the why behind I write with I do and what I hope to accomplish in my weekly blog posts. This is only be beginning and as things grow and change I know my purpose will grow and change with me, but this is the beginning.

inspire to simple
Description: A place to share what I learn in my simple living journey and the inspirations I discover along the way.
Purpose: To share ideas and lessons I learn in my journey as an individual, wife, mother, homemaker, and friend; and to inspire, encourage and challenge others in their personal journeys.
  • Inspire others to rejoice in their own personal journeys and enjoy exploring the paths they walk.
  • Share ideas from my own personal experience and reading.
  • Challenge and teach from the lessons I learn.
  • Encourage others to pursue their passion; keep with the tasks before them; and live a balanced, simple life.
  • Provide an outlet for myself to express what I am being taught in the everydays of life.
Nothing new is shared here. The ideas and lessons I write about are one’s that I have gleaned from so many others who write more eloquently and organized then I do. Yet, these are the ideas and lessons that are so very dear to me, for they are ones that I have learned personally and have applied to my life, seen the results, edited and tried again.
I do not claim to have the niche on any special teaching or knowledge. I am simply sharing what I am learning and hoping to provide some guidance and encouragement, and well, inspiration, to those who read.

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