My Greatest Secret

OK, so maybe not my GREATEST secret, for it really is no secret. Anyone who spends any amount of time with me or our family knows I love routines. Last week I posted about getting back to routines. With the start of school and beginning of fall season, it seems a natural flow to life. So here I am writing a bit more about the routines of our family. First though, some of the background to how I began my fascination with routine.
I think I always have used routines in everyday life but thought of them more as a schedule. Then I had kids and I tried to schedule them and myself. This soon became very stressful, for kids don’t always function on a schedule! Napping, getting ready, running errands, eating meals, doing anything with kids  just takes longer and is sometimes (OK, most times) unpredictable.
Scheduling hence went out the window, unless I wanted to live in a constant state of stress. However, I was soon faced with the reality that I need some sort of schedule, for the “outside” world (what exists outside the walls of our home) still functions on a schedule: appointments, church services, school, meeting friends or family for activities, work responsibilities – these all require that I live aware of a time table and try to abide by it a bit. I needed to confirm a little unless I wanted to be chronically late, which is definitely NOT how I want to be know!
So back to scheduling we went, but it was not quite right . . . then I discovered the idea of routines! (More on where I found the idea in a later post.) Finally, it seems this might be the workable solution for my detail oriented, time conscience personality and the “I don’t want to loose my mind” need for a sense of calm in our family life. Routines seems to answer the need for helping us do what we must each day without stressing myself or those around me to the point of misery.
How exactly do routines work for our family? So glad you asked! I look forward to writing more about them, expanding a bit on what our family’s routines are for different activities, evenings and mornings, and even household maintenance and cleaning.  Do come back for more in my “routine series.”
In the meantime, talk to me . . . do you use routines in your life? home? What do they look like for you? How did your come across the idea of develop a routine? What area of life do you it most? I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments.

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